The Difference in DICED

We wanted to share the story behind the food that you purchase from DICED that's bigger than one might realize. It matters to us (as it matters to you) what goes into our food, out of our store and onto your fork!

GMO vegetables and factory farmed low-grade meat you purchase at fast-casual restaurants are typically pre-cooked, mass produced, and highly subsidized, therefore allowing consumers to get their food for lower prices.

To keep production costs low, animals raised in factory farms are fed the cheapest possible grains and “feedstuff.” What is feedstuff? It’s an assortment of poultry manure, chicken feathers, and even restaurant waste. So, when you eat factory-farmed animals, their bad diet becomes your bad diet, which is counter-productive to your health. 

Cows are naturally designed to eat grass, plants and shrubs, not low-quality, low-fiber grains and feedstuffs. So when animals are fed a poor diet, they typically become sick and require different types of antibiotics to keep them growing. This should be no surprise, that the end product for you will be a less nutritious meal. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 4.43.13 PM.png

You read right; thanks to higher production of lower quality food, it's easier to eat the types of foods we should be eating less of. These foods are in many fast-casual restaurants because they're inexpensive and easy to keep for long periods of time. Eating these foods in excess is also the cause of many health problems, and you're getting it for a conveniently cheap price. Good deal for the price, right?

Alright, enough. It's all pretty gross. So, what makes us different? What kind of proteins does DICED use?

“The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”-Ann Wigmore

We ONLY use antibiotic-free whole chicken breast, grass-fed filet mignon and chemical and phosphate-free shrimp. Our sautéed tofu is organic and produced without the use of GMOs. We also grill all of our proteins fresh in house each day.

Our promise to you; to never serve factory farmed, low-grade or chemically-laden proteins and vegetables. 

While many of the buzzwords we hear associated with healthy foods may be familiar, we want to make sure that you know what they really mean, and what you get from food that falls within these categories.

Since our filet-mignon is grass-fed, it is full of vitamin E, beta-carotene, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Since our shrimp is chemical-free & phosphate-free, you won’t be ingesting any chemicals or phosphates that could destroy important enzymes in your body.  Our chicken, ham, and turkey are all raised without the use of antibiotics. Animals raised with the use of antibiotics breeds antibiotic-resistant germs in livestock, and can lead to deadly diseases in humans. 

Now that you understand the fundamental differences that these categories offer in your nutrition, we would like to show you the visual difference in low-grade/mass produced meats vs DICED's meats.  Our proteins are shown on the bottom, while proteins from a similar well-known franchised restaurant are shown above. The servings you see here are identically priced at each restaurant. Which ones would you choose? 

The difference is real. 

While other restaurants claim they use locally sourced ingredients, sustainable shrimp, grass-fed steak and antibiotic free chicken, in this example, it's clear that the actual quality is not on par with their claims.
At DICED, we could choose, low-grade, inexpensive & pre-cooked proteins, so we could make more of a profit...but we don't.

So, lets shift gears. How are our salads priced? 

In order to provide you with fresh, chemical-free food prepared in house, we have set our prices to give you the most cost-efficient access to the best food available. Our promise to you is always bear the cost fluctuations that may occur due to seasonal variances and availability. When you compare our produce to other restaurants, you are sure to get fresher produce, more dynamic ingredients and a greater serving size.

We understand that fresh, unprocessed food can never be as inexpensive as mass-produced and heavily subsidized food. At DICED, we believe that the difference in price reflects the greater value that our meals provide. When food prices are lower at other restaurants, we urge you to consider the quality of that food and the hidden costs that come from its mass production.

This is what sets DICED apart from other restaurants. We want to connect people with good food and to bring all of your favorite flavors to you in a healthy revolution.  In turn, we hope for the future with a generation of food-lovers, fewer diet-related diseases and for a healthier and tastier life!

 DICED's chemical and phosphate free shrimp vs the other guy. 

DICED's chemical and phosphate free shrimp vs the other guy.